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The L.I.F.E. Plan - B’yond Paleo™

Our program is loosely based on the popular diet developed by French MD, Dr Pierre Dukan but new developments in nutritional science of wild foods and current exercise physiology boost its effectiveness, eliminate undesirable side-effects and make the diet safe and easy.

The main criticisms of the original Dukan program are a lack of energy and bad breath (from the protein breakdown products or ketones) so we have eliminated these problems with three innovations:

The first is our addition of L.I.F.E. (Lyophilized Indigenous Food Essentials)™ to your dietary regime as a whole food, health tonic. This is an essential component prior to each meal and is a unique food which combines 14 Australian wild foods with another 13 global superfoods.

LIFE has a high antioxidant capacity* along with a host of other functional benefits.

The second innovation is our use of Slim’n Sticks™ (heat activated, flavour-infused skewers) as a means to boost metabolic rate, as an additional source of antioxidants and to provide interest and ease of food preparation. Slim’n Sticks™ impart no sugar, no fat, no salt and leave no goo (which can burn and form carcinogens) on the cooking surface and are a great alternative to high fat, sugary sauces or high salt seasonings that just burn on cooking. The flavours infuse from the inside out and are sophisticated, clean, impactful and totally natural.

And our third solution is our exercise plan which is based on research at the UNSW School of Medicine and uses high intensity, interval training (HIIT) to boost metabolic rate in just 3 sessions a week taking from 3 to 5 minutes each.

*Antioxidants reduce our cellular insulin resistance (induced from consistently high blood sugars from our modern diet) and therefore reduce the amount of circulating insulin in our bloodstream and our fatty tissues. Storage fat (and particularly the fat around and in our organs) absorbs insulin which acts on an enzyme (lipoprotein lipase) resulting in an increase in fat cell numbers and size and switches our metabolism from running on sugar to storing fat. Improve insulin sensitivity and we have some chance of losing weight permanently.

Australian Wild foods in L.I.F.E.™ are scientifically proven to be amongst the most nutrient dense ingredients in the world and play a protective role against the diseases of nutrition so common today.


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Any questions about the program we offer?
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